As everybody within sport knows, the help given by volunteers is invaluable. We are looking for volunteers that can help us in organization of the best long-distance triathlon race in our country.

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We need help in preparation of starting packages for competitors, registration, security, cheering, refreshing stations support and help in transition zone.

​ Volunteering is fun and much respected from athletes, as you are helping them to reach their goals on which they worked for months if not for years!

​ We, as organizers, appreciate your help so much as this race would be impossible to realize without your help. Therefore we will be glad to provide you a Volunteer T-shirt which will remind you on the first 11TRI race and also we prepared lunch package and refreshment during the race day.

We will need your help on September 23rd and 24th, 2018.

​ First meeting with volunteers, we planned at the beginning of September. We will inform you in advance about place and time.

​ If you would like to be a part of 11TRI Volunteer Team, please fulfill Form which you may find on the link below: